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I thnk some people are too hard on this Franco tumor bit. This isn't the first time a soap has used a tumor to change a character's personality. Sometimes you need to just extend your imagination. I totally buy Carly falling for Franco. Carly has always been attracted to the guy that isn't good for her. And RH/LW have amazing chemistry that it is too hard to not put them together.

Sonny off his meds is a riot. Loved the cliff hanger of him spilling the beans about the Kiki situation and him just like "Oh that feels good to get it off my chest." Can't wait for the fallout on Monday.

Don't know if we needed a old flame for Sabrina. Just Robin's memory alone could be a roadblock. Patrick's says he loves Sabrina but has yet to take off his wedding ring. Just don't know if it will be a true challenge to see who Patrick would choose. Not totally surprised that Carlos worked for Julian because I do love how RC's stories twist together.

Nik/Britt have potential. Similar family backgrounds yet not wanting to go the evil path their family goes. For once Nik isn't boring me.

Only thing I don't care for is the Taylor/TJ/Molly/Rafe stuff.

The show isn't perfect but it is so much better than it was over Guza, that even the imperfect stuff I don't mind.

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