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Sep 19 2013, 06:47 PM
Sam looks gorgeous in red! They need to let her wear some color and get rid of the all black look occasionally.

I realize that Britt not being able to find a place to stay is just a plot point for her to stay with Nikolas (which I'm okay with) but are we really supposed to believe that a successful doctor can't afford her own place?

I'd say that the "Robin returns" story has kicked off with Emma missing her mommy and Sabrina's old flame showing up. Looking forward to this!

Morgan ... I just cannot stand this little weasel. Remember the smart, likeable kid he once was? Ugh, I hate that THIS is Morgan now.
I.T.A with most of what you said. I just thought I would mention that the writers did inform us that Britt can afford her own place. She was going to look at several places before Nicolas stopped her, pointing out that she was almost due to give birth and it was not wise to go looking at places, hence his little trip to see Brad. This time the place she rang did not have an available apartments, Just executive suites which were far more expensive. Not forgetting that she gave up her previous apartment so that she could move in with Patrick, although that did not go as she planned.

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