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Tell us about why youíre here today.
I am here to support Charity Water and Kate Mansi. Yesterday was her birthday. For me, the idea of growing up without clean water or not having water available to you is crazy. Iím from Cuba, so a lot of my family members donít have clean water. That is a very , very difficult thing to deal with. I think itís a very amazing thing that Kate has taken the time, the effort, and the money to really work on getting the word out there for Charity Water.

Tell us whatís going on with Gabi. Things are going back and forth with Nick right now.
Yeah. Itís gonna be like that for a little while where Gabi feels differently about him. She cares about him a lot. She had love for him. I mean...they were married. But she also has the other side where she feels betrayed because she feels like what they had wasnít real. And they have a sexual thing also. They end up coming back together, and Gabi has had so much sex with Nick that itís crazy. Sheís going to be battling with herself over whether or not heís a good guy, if heís changed or hasnít changed, or whether or not should she be with him. But there are some crazy scenes. This is, like, life changing scenes for Gabi coming up. They are going to rock her world from that moment until probably the rest of her life.

Whatís it like working with the new Will?
Even if itís a fresh new character, itís always weird. Youíre disrupting something we work on every single day, and thereís a change in the system. Heís amazing. Heís a really, sweet, kind person. Heís honored to have the role. It doesnít make it as awkward because heís so nice and down to earth.

Is there anything else you can tell us about what might be coming up?
Not really... I canít really say much. Thereís a really crazy thing thatís going to happen that maybe half the fans are going to hate and half are going to love. Or maybe theyíll all love it.
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