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Whatís going on with Nick?
He is getting busy with Gabi. And...I think thatís very exciting for him. As far as he is concerned theyíve fallen back in love with each other and are going to be together.

You havenít been on as much lately. Is that going to change?
Yeah. Thereís something coming up.

Can you give us any kind of hint?
Expect to see more Nick. And...heís gonna be really happy.

Okay. Are other people going to be happy?
I donít know. Nick is gonna kind of be living in a world of his own for a bit.

Whatís been your favorite thing since returning to Days?
I love the stuff we did on the island. It was very emotional when Jensen was released. I loved all those scenes. It was intense but it was so hard core. It was challenging, but I loved that story.

What do you think about the major changes in Nick now compared to when you first joined the show?
Itís funny, isnít it? I mean, it really is not where we started. I think that when the new writers came, the ones that brought me back...I mean...how much research can you do? Thereís years and years and years and years. I think that the aspect that is most important to them was the aspect of Nick that went crazy, so thatís what they resurrected. I appreciated that because I love who Nick is now. I feel like as an actor weíve kind of grown into each other as an original character that me and the writers kind of collaborate on. I think they just didnít know what to do with him the first time around. He was the geek and then he got a makeover and then he was the sensitive guy then the graduate storyline with Billie and then he got amnesia. We were going through regime changes, and I think he never really found his voice. I really think that Nick has a really strong voice as a character that is unique and distinct and like no one else in daytime.

When you first came back we got a lot of scenes with Nick and his family. Will we see anything like that again?
Yeah! Pretty soon weíre going to see some of his family get worried about him.
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