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Have you left the show?
I have.

When should you last air?
Uh. I want to say itís probably within the next few weeks.

Can you tell us anything about how you leave?
You know, actually it comes on the heels of Chadís absence. As soon as his character gets....wait.

Youíre done?
Yeah. Sorry. I wasnít really sure how much information is out there.

We do know that thereís an engagement party with bloodshed.
Not long after that. Itís pretty interesting. Itís fun.

Will there be anymore scenes with Cameron and his family? He still has Theo and Abe.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, thereís nothing with Theo and Abe. But definitely some stuff between EJ, myself, and Chad. Itís going to get fun.

Tell us about the stripper scenes.
It was good. It was fun. The best part about it was that it allowed me to bond with the cast. Itís definitely bonding when youíre in your drawers together.

Is there anything else you would like for us to know?
I had a blast getting to know everybody.
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