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When is your last airdate?
I donít know. Some time in November.

Can you tell us anything about your exit?
No, but itís very dramatic.

Weíve heard about a look alike being cast. Is Kristen staying around just not with your face?
I donít know, but I donít think so.

It didnít end in a way that you thought sheíd be sticking around?

Whatís been your favorite thing about returning?
Iíve had so many great scenes with Deidre and with Martsolf. And just reconnecting with people has been great.

Would you come back?
I donít know. I mean, never say never.

What was the biggest difference in your two stints at Days?
Well, this was shorter, so it wasnít quite as exhausting. I donít know. Iíve gotten older, so I have a lot of appreciation for being able to come back.

Can you tell us anything Kristen might be up to before she leaves?
No. They would kill me.

Is there any chance of Susan popping up before you leave?
Doesnít look like it. I think it just ended up being that one time.

What do you think was different about Kristen this time around?
I think just the fact that Kristen really fell in love with somebody. She truly loves him, and you see that vulnerability.

How did you see Kristen before?
She was just more black. She was more hellbent on having that baby and destroying Marlena. Sheís that way this time, too, but thereís more of a softer side because of how she loves Brady.

Which Kristen do you prefer?
I love how they wrote her this year. There were so many different levels.

Are you going to leave Brady a shell of a man again?
(laughs) Yes. I think he is.

Is there anything else youíd like to say to the fans?
Thanks for watching. Thanks for following her through all of her trials and tribulations. Thanks for seeing the good in her.
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