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Whatís Daniel up to?
Iím still pursuing the mystery of what and who got Father Eric drugged and how that all went down. Heís becoming quite the caregiver. Itís kind of a mixed bag of how heís in peopleís lives now. Heís trying to cover JJís ass. Theresaís now in my world, and they get into a situation that puts Danielís career in jeopardy. His relationship with Jennifer is still there, and heís trying to take care of his friend Eric.

We always get worried when Daniel gets a new patient.
Iím a full service healer. I donít know where to start.

Youíre not very popular on our board right now.
I know.

A lot of our Jack fans are especially having a hard time.
They should be. Jack and Jennifer are a very quintessential couple in daytime, not just Days of Our Lives. And Daniel canít just swoop into someoneís life like that. She has kids; she has a family. Itís a very difficult road. I think the story to be told is how does a single mother move on and find new love. People arenít fans of that. How can a widowed woman with children find love again? Many people say that you do not let go of the love of your life. I think thatís what makes it so difficult. I donít take it personally. Itís a hard pill to swallow in real life, so it would certainly be hard swallow in daytime.

Is it noticeable to you that the other characters are always telling us how great Daniel is?
Itís just with regard to what he does as a career. I mean, I put a heart in Jenniferís chest, I solve diseases the CDC canít handle. Medically, heís a genius. My character is in a high drama position - able to save people with a toothpick and a butter knife. Heís very MacGyver. So yeah, that becomes...and I think in regard to Daniel, he tries to do the right thing, he just does it the wrong way. His choices arenít rooted in trying to hurt anybody. Theyíre rooted in love. He cares too much and tries to intervene when he shouldnít. Heís doing the same thing with Father Eric. I mean, you jokingly asked if theyíre going to have a relationship, well...this is what he does. Some people only equate it with what he does with women, but if you look at what he does, he does it with all the men, too. He protects Brady and Father Eric and his dad.

Did you say ďhis dadĒ?
For Victor. Did I say his dad?

Yes, you did.
No. I wish. Not even close. I wish Iíd spoiled something, but I havenít. So, yeah. He overextends himself. Thatís where people go, ďoh, theyíre propping his character up.Ē But for every bad choice heís made, if you look back in his heart it was for the right reason. Thatís probably why everyoneís all ďoh, he saved my daughterís life.Ē He means well.
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