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Can you tell us what Nicole is up to?
Thatís too long. I donít even know whatís airing right now.

Well, sheís trying to work with Marlena to get Kristen, but Marlena doesnít want her to.
Thatís whatís going on.

Thatís it? I could have done that!
I canít tell you anything. She goes bungee jumping for the first time, and they actually paid for a set...no. I made that up. Weíre just so far ahead.

Well, will be seeing Nicole in the coming months?
Oh yeah. Nicole is definitely on the canvas.

Thereís supposed to be something about a new job coming up.
I donít even know if she takes it. Itís an offer. I donít know if she actually goes through with it or not.

Whoíve you been working with?
Still Greg.

Is that going to go anywhere ever?
I think the way theyíre writing is old school soap. And I donít know because I donít know how long theyíre going to keep him a priest. It gives him a lot of family story. Heís still not out of that collar in what weíre doing now.

It seems like youíve been working a lot with Deidre Hall, and that different for Nicole.
A good amount, yes. And it gives Dee something different which is great for her. Itís kind of an odd couple, but definitely for good reason because of the history Eric and I share. You know, for Marlena thereís probably some knowledge that since I was in love with Eric once and that if she does ask for help, I can probably get it done. Itís kind of funny to see her. She cracks me. Dee and I work very well together. She has got the driest sense of humor. I hope they write more for us. I love that theyíre bringing that side of Marlena out this time. I donít know if they did that before or not, but itís fun.

Is there anything else you can tell us about whatís coming up?
No. Iím the worst to ask.

Bricole was just briefly revisited. Can we expect to see any more of that?
You will never see in the near future any longevity with Brady and Nicole. They love each other to death, and they will always be there for each other. That doesnít mean weíre not working together, though.
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