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Here are the GH related questions. If you want to read the entire Q&A session click the link below.

Do writers really get some sort of commission for creating new characters? How do they figure out how much extra they get paid?

“Absolutely not,” responds GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “I have no idea where that rumor started. Writers tend to write for the characters they know better, but it’s always within the context of what’s best for the show. For example, we’ve got a lot of story coming up for [new character] Ava, but it’s all about Sonny and his family.”

Why don’t soaps use more flashbacks?

“You have to pay a full show fee to every actor in the flashback,” reveals Valentini. “We used a lot of flashbacks for the Nurses’ Ball, but you’ll notice that we cut out some of the people.”

If an actor is no longer on a show but that show continues to use their picture (like Steve Burton as Jason on the Quartermaine mantel) does the actor get paid for the use of his image?

“Yes,” responds Valentini. “There is a nominal fee if the actor is no longer on the show.”

How come we don’t see pets on the shows anymore? I miss Harold the dog and Bonkers the cat on AMC, and Foster and Annabelle on GH.

“Pets are very expensive,” says Valentini. “In addition to paying for the pet, which is between $700 and $1000 a day, you have to have a dog trainer, sometimes two, or a pet handler. Wouldn’t you rather see a popular actor than an animal?”

Why does a day last forever? Is it because of financial reasons (less wardrobe/fewer set changes)?

“I don’t think our days last forever, but we do spread them out over more than one episode for storytelling purposes,” says Valentini. “Sometimes the days starts with one set of characters and ends with a different set of characters.”

If you want to talk “forever,” consider Passions. An exec once told me that Passions had 36 new days in eight years.

How come soap characters never change into comfy clothes when they get home?

None of us want to see our favorite soap characters walking around in sweat pants. But I do appreciate it when Nancy Grahn’s Alexis takes off her high heels on GH when she gets home.

What’s the youngest age a baby can be onscreen? How long can they work at a time? How much do baby actors make?

“A baby must be 15 days old,” responds GH Casting Director Mark Teschner. “From 15 days to 5 months they can be in the building, but they are only allowed on set a total of 20 minutes. It goes up a bit as the babies get older. That’s why we hire twins, we get more time by changing the baby out.” As for the money, “Babies are paid the AFTRA Under-Five rate of $413 per baby [per day].”

“We worked very hard to find a baby small enough to believe that Britt had just delivered it,” adds Valentini. “And did you see the baby wink at her? Perfect casting.”

What’s up with supersonic travel? How can people travel great distances in the time it takes other characters to finish a sentence?

“Sometimes our characters move around quickly because we don’t want to lose momentum on the episode,” smiles Valentini. “And let’s be honest – we don’t need to see Sonny or Luke standing at baggage claim waiting for their luggage.”

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