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camera shy

Sep 22 2013, 12:43 AM
Panda Panda
Sep 22 2013, 12:10 AM
So there's a new Eric Martsolf interview in this week's SOD. He talks about his new children's gym, Brady being a dumbass, blahblahblah. The usual stuff, however, there's an interesting little excerpt about Brady & Eric after the big sex tape reveal in the coming months.

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It seems as though it'll go on for a few months, maybe longer.
Well, in Brady's defense, would you believe it? Who would believe that an amnesic-producing Viagra-type roofie even exists, and could "make" you have sex with someone? Its illogical.

Brady sounds human and grieving to me.
It sounds like to me that Eric is going to think for a while that he went to bed with Kristen willingly. Kristen did have the tape edited to take out the parts where you could probably clearly tell that Eric was drugged.
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