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I don't understand why Eric would think that even with the edited video, he KNOWS that videos can be edited.

Kristen RECORDED the rape sex, that right there is a giant red flag. He knows that he is devoted to being a priest and wouldn't break his vows. He doesn't even like the woman, and she was almost married to his brother. He had to be rushed to the hospital because there was something in his body that couldn't be identified.

He also knows that the Dimera's have access to drugs, gases, and mind-control devices that the rest of the world knows nothing about. Drugs that fake death so perfectly that both doctor's and machines are fooled several times. Brainwashing drugs and chips that have been implanted in teeth in the past. The Dimera's make dopplegangers all the time. Stefano made five of them just of his mother for the hell of it!
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