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Sep 22 2013, 02:28 PM
Sep 22 2013, 04:59 AM
Eric Martsolf talks about it in the new CBS Soaps In Depth. This is going to be an over-the-top finale!!!
i bought it just for his interview, & it does sound like it will be good! I also think he basically said (without saying) that Brady's going to be into drugs after Kristen leaves. Or at least that's how I read it. Granted I was hoping that's what would happen so perhaps I'm just reading what I want into it ;)

And I wasn't overly shocked that he had a hard time reconciling his own feelings regarding what he would have done in Brady's situation with what Brady did re:Kristen. But lets be honest, he's had plenty of background in this area playing a rather stupid man who believes whatever the women in his life tell him. And I still maintain Ethan was dumber by far.
Concerning Brady and drugs, I think, it sure happens.

Are there any hints about the "grand finale"? Because from ED's interview in this thread I got the feeling they may kill off the character via suicide. I am pretty sure I'm reading way too much into it because it's just a couple of sentences, but there is something a little bit different said about Kristen and her s/l from what she's told in her other latest interviews (namely, too much focus on her love for Brady). As Days' writers are trying to create some allusions, they may use their lake set if a pool set is not present this time. Kristen could even leave her bracelet there again. Very final scenes may be played by the look-a-like (Eva Swan) so it could later be revealed as real or fake depending on whether Days will ever manage to get Eileen back or not.

It's just my odd phantasies and I hope I'm wrong and, please, say me that I am ;) , because it's breaking my heart just thinking about it :'(
As most are saying it doesn't look like ED will return, I just don't want my favorite soap character dead.
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