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Sep 23 2013, 02:44 AM
Sep 23 2013, 02:03 AM
Sep 23 2013, 01:45 AM
Thanks for the interview.
From this and some other interviews and tweets as well I'm getting an impression that playing black/evil characters is not what Eileen's really enjoying. She often describes the soft/loving/vulnerable side of the character as the most interesting one.
I suppose, the Kristen/Eric storyline which had began right before they asked her if she will re-sign her contract was not the one to motivate her to stay on the show.
She's actually said the opposite. She said that she started off playing bad girls, and she prefers playing them. She also said that she's more like Kristen than Ashley Abbott. She was tired of playing the constant victim.

What made Eileen exit was the workload, which she actually asked for, which turned out to be it her undoing, WHICH, ironically, was what made her exit the first time.

She already said that doing short story arcs on Days, which was offered, is a possibility in the future. She was just exhausted.

Y&R is a mess right now. Days gave her the best material. Actors would kill to be given that kind of material, that opportunity, after so many years in the business, and getting to return to a character so many years later. She knows this, and I'm sure appreciates it. I don't think she knew what she was getting herself into when she signed on. Great material, but very demanding compared to her stint on Y&R, and for less money.

The hard part is now over, explaining Kristen's absence, reintroducing her to a new generation of viewers. That was a HUGE undertaking. After so many years they could have just given up on the idea of bringing Kristen back. It started to be a given that the character would probably never return, so just get over the idea. Now that it did, it's easier to bring her back. It's sort of like Days never winning the Emmy. Once it happens, voters see that it's no longer an automatic loser, no longer a reason not to vote for it. The cycle has be broken on both fronts.
Yes, I do remember her saying she is more like Kristen than Ashley but without her evil ways. And during one of the twitter sessions she said she likes playing bad and good at the same time. So I think her preference is "grey" (I guess, most of the actors prefer "grey" characters).
I didn't say the Kristen/Eric s/l was the reason she's quit, but Kristen, nearly out of the blue with a blowgun and that giant syringe,... :shrug: it looked a little bit (or a lot) childish or like a dark comedy except it wasn't. And it did some unnecessary damage to the character and her current pairing.

In general, I agree with you that most of the material was really very good and I also agree with all you've said about workload, pay etc. :) . But these are things you can change during the contract negotiations, can't you?
I can understand that an actress would rather play a character who is both good and bad, the character becomes more interesting and there is more to act around. ED is an actress who shines on stage she has the mysterious x factor, some actors have it and some do not. Too bad she is leaving the show.
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