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Some gals have all the luck!

Sep 22 2013, 10:01 PM
Sep 22 2013, 08:29 PM
I'm totally bummed that it doesn't sound like Hope will be getting any kind of a new love interest. :badmood: But then, if this upcoming SL finally resolves the nagging MIA Bo issue, and Hope is left to clean up the mess on her own (gee, so what else is new? :eyeroll: ) and coping with her spitfire mini-me :rockon:, BRING IT ON!!!! :applause: Just the possible hint of more Ciara is the only saving grace after reading this. :cheer:

I also agree that KA's answers seem to be unusually short. But like others have pointed out, the show is being very "hush hush". :shrug:

Thanks DR for doing the interview! :hail:
Technically, she never said anything about whether Hope would be getting a new love interest or not. That said, I'm actually not disappointed that her story doesn't have a romantic core. One of the big negatives I've had about the stories currently airing is that most of them are based on a romantic pairing - Fetch, EJami, Bristen, Wilson, Nabi, Chabby, Rate, etc.
I don't think Hope is going to be cleaning up any mess, since Bo didn't exactly run off anywhere. Yes, he's been gone for almost a year, but we have to remember that, for a good chunk of that time, he was either in California, in Salem (though never seen), or hanging out with Shelle/Claire. When Bo's exit was being set up, Bo did say that he wanted to find a way to bring Stefano down for good. We really don't know anything about why Bo went undercover. He may have done it as a favor to Shane, in which case there's even less of a mess he's left.
Thanks for clarifying that a bit. I guess we shall see. B-)
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