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Sep 22 2013, 01:05 PM
I have never for a second despised Britt. Not even a year ago when she was scaring poor little Emma while Patrick had his back turned.

NOW, 6 months from now when/if TPTB have redeemed her into the show heroine, that is when I'm gonna be off the Britt fan bandwagon.

Look at the long list of soap bad girls turned good (aka, boring) a year or two into their run. It's sad.
I liked Britt from the start and I loved the Britt and Emma scenes. I was looking forward to more of that. They both did such a good job and I totally understood why Britt snapped at Emma. Yes, she stooped to Emma's level instead of being mature about it all, but Emma was being rude. I have never seen Britt as all out bad, they always showed another side to her, even from the beginning. So as far as I see it. They are continuing to write her In character but giving us more of her history in order for the viewers to understand her more, which I think is great. The more they reveal about her, the more I empathise and the more I want her to find true love.

Bad girls/guys have to have some redeeming quality to be liked. otherwise they are just one dimensional and end up being boring. After a while they serve no purpose. They can only disrupt people's lives for so long, before we get tired of the same thing. They have no growth and never end up being better people. There may be people that likes these one dimensional characters, but there will be far more that don't.

I like Britt because she has this good side to her. It's little things like her going hunting to find an exact replica of Emma's doll that she accidentally destroyed in the fire that makes me think she is not all bad and I like her more for it.

Now, I am looking forward so much to seeing what develops between her and Nicolas. I have been really enjoying their scenes so far.
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