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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

As everything Days does, the story had potential but they quickly squandered it with bad writing decisions. For example, the fact that she waffled between who the victim of her revenge plot really was is striking to me. Was it Marlena? OR John? or both? Obviously in the beginning her revenge centered on using Brady to hurt John, but then she set her sights on hurting Marlena too, which is why she roped John in and was willing to sleep with him...but if that was the case, then why not go through with your plan and actually sleep with John when he came hovering around.....the execution was just bad....although we got glimpses that she was falling in love with Brady during the entire ordeal, we hardly got the longing after the reveal and now it just seems that she could give a flying leap about Brady. IF the buildup was that she set her sights on Brady to hurt John/Marlena but in the process had really fallen for the guy, then why did we not see it after they broke up....did her 'love' for Brady change the minute she raped Eric? WTF is going on?....I sometimes think that this story would have been way more cohesive if Eileen hadn't made the decision to leave.....it just feels that it lost whatever little it had going for it....
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