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Sammie Jo
Sep 23 2013, 09:11 AM
Sep 23 2013, 07:45 AM
Sep 22 2013, 03:02 PM
The worst part about Adam is the damn whining. It is FF material. I'd rather he start his own company and leave NE to Victor. NE is Victor Newman vice versa. I don't want to see that punk running it.
I hate it when he says" it's my company", my son's legacy".This is Victor's company, he built it with his own hands... I hate it when his children take credit for something they didn't do... If he wants to prove to his father he is his own man, he should start his own company....
That's true and Adam is actually the only one capable of starting and running his own company.
Nick can't run shit except his mouth, what's happening with his nightclub? At least when Neil had Indigo, we saw him there every so often.
Victoria, she's no businesswoman, she lets her emotions, jealousies and personal life interfere with her work.
When she was working, she was never at work.
As for the "legacy', maybe, but he's the grandson, right now it's yours and your half siblings legacy.
It's true.. It is Victor's grandson after all but Adam needs to stop acting like he owns it....i dont hate Adam that much anymore because of Chadam but i really hope Victor teaches him and Jack a lesson for what they are doing to him.... I don't see how he could hurt Jack tho, unless he takes over Jabot again... :lol:
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