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Sep 23 2013, 09:42 AM
Sep 23 2013, 06:59 AM
I have to laugh at the notion that the Kristen/Eric thing somehow "ruined" the character. No, it didn't. Firstly, it is exactly something Kristen would do. And as has been said multiple times, these characters have done far worse things and at equally bad things, and still have continued on with the show for multiple years (EJ, Nicole, Sami, Victor, Stefano, Tony/Andre, etc.) So yeah, I'm gonna say it doesn't matter. And had ED stayed, they would have surely been able to let go of the storyline at some point. I do think ED was shocked when she first learned about the Eric thing (she actually said as much on her Twitter page) but I do not believe that's the reason why she quit.
By saying it "did unnecessary harm to the character" I definitely didn't mean the s/l made the character irredeemable or that it was written into the corner or ruined to no point of return :). At least not in my eyes. The character was and is viable after all that. However, I think the s/l didn't make much sense and wasn't that much compelling or dramatic for that matter and they easily could have gone "milder" and more "human" with all that.
Yes, indeed. Firstly, I didn't mean to direct this to you, it was more of a universal notion as a response to some people's comments. Secondly, I fully understand what you mean, and yes, I agree on that after she did the deed there was great momentum but it kind of fizzled after she decided not to show the video at the school reception. She agreed to be with Brady, which was fine in itself but they should have quickened the pace at that point. And also the pregnancy scare was a TOTALLY useless, and to many annoying detour since she ended up not being pregnant. I was astounded they did that, because someone had to know how much it would annoy the fans to see her toy for a week with the idea of being pregnant and then she's just...not. That was a weird detour imo, and the show should have either passed on it completely or then just make her pregnant (not what I wanted though). And now the storyline's kind of shifted to Nicole and Marlena's half-crazy antics, which just seem to make them look desperate, clumsy, meddling and - as Kristen would put it - losers (lol).

The best way for a story like this to work is to have Kristen be the underdog, and to let us see her slow descent into madness, her talking to herself and planning and plotting. That's what she did right after Brady dumped her before, and that's why that storyline was so compelling and why May was such a good month. Kristen was in her element. But now it's kind of a tad too sugary sweet, until of course she realizes something's up. That's why I'm waiting SO much for the coming scenes this October & November. :chee: :popcorn:
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