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Sep 20 2013, 05:26 PM
I dont know, maybe its just me. But the couple videos Ive seen of Aayrn "apologizing", she just doesnt come across as very sincere. More like irritated to even be talking about it, cant believe she would even be accused of it, etc. I guess I would have thought she would have been heartfelt in trying to win us all over. Even on twitter she just keeps talking about all the "jobs" she's probably going to get
She's not. She's only "sorry" because Julie Chen called her out and she got boo on national television. Most of the house guests aren't sorry either. I seen most apologize but than in the same breathe blame their words being out of context etc. It's just excuses because they don't want people to hate them.

Ohh man you guys should read Liza Stinton's twitter on Aaryn. ;) ;) And you thought inside the house there was drama.

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