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It sounds like Freddie and the others aren't being allowed to say much of anything in fear of their jobs. I'm glad Freddie at least said that he enjoys his job and doesn't want to to lose it. Crazy that some people wanted a happy Wilson ending with Freddie losing his job for that to happen. As much as he probably hated Chandler's rash exit, I'd have to think he's thankful Will was recast so his job can continue on. At the same time, it sounds to me that not much story wise is changing with Sonny and his story will be pretty limited with limited Wilson story, at least for now. Family issues and Wilson being a power couple doesn't amount to much story (and is now starting to sound very bland since that is all that's been going on with Wilson), especially since it sound like Justin and Adrienne don't have much coming up with Sonny :shrug: . I am interested in seeing Freddie's dynamic with Guy but at the same time Wilson and Sonny need better and more substantial writing to be more interesting.

I am glad to hear Tad is coming back. I agree with others that Tad needs to become a permanent character and be tested with Abby, especially since Chad and Cam are gone. Brendan Coughlin is such a good actor and Tad is a fun character. Nice interview. Thanks for posting.
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