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Today's show, hmmm....

Wish today had been a new day in Salem. The clothing is really getting to me.

I don't really care about Jeanie. It still bothers me that she should be so much older. Why is she about 20 when Brady is in his freakin' forties? Speaking of that, it bothers me that Brady is somehow Jennifer's peer. And Kristen just disgusts me. The way she hangs on Brady and goes around harassing everyone. Not too obvious you have something to hide, Kristen :blulaugh: She's becoming an idiot villain.

Ha, I knew there would be some contrivance forcing Eric to use Marlena to hypnotize him. Too funny. Again, so annoying that Eric's flashbacks aren't from his POV. Marlena's asking him who is the woman, and they show a flashback of Eric screwing Kristen and you can see her face perfectly. But he can't see it. :shame:

I enjoyed Victor. The way he ignored Kristen's babbling. I hope he picks up on her paranoia and realizes she has to be hiding something. Can't wait till she is found out. What she did is truly despicable, and the way she's going around acting like a teenager is ridiculous.

Oh, and Brady is a dick.
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