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Tough love is one thing. Power plays that blow up in your face are another. If I was a mom fighting with my kid, and he stormed out of the house, threatening never to return, I would still prefer he crashed at a relative's house instead of sleeping on the street. Because that way I'd know where he was, and that someone who cared could at least let me know the sitrep with him. All it takes is one night on the streets for a kid to run into a situation that could be the death of him--a drug overdose, a robbery, a shooting, a stabbing, a case of hypothermia if the temperatures drop too low. I'm surprised no one's directed JJ to a shelter or a youth hostel--that would do in a pinch, and at least he'd sleep warm--or are we to believe that Salem has no homeless and no runaways? I think it's stupid and short-sighted for Jennifer to demand that no one in JJ's family take him in. If anything, she's driving him even further away with those tactics. I could almost not blame him for breaking in to a place he knows won't be occupied for the night. And I hope Jen-Jen doesn't sleep a wink for worrying--that is, if she's capable of worrying about anyone except Daniel.
She will most likely not sleep a wink worrying about him while he's out having a blast trashing Dan's apartment. All the more reasons for nobody in the family to take him in, he's just looking for trouble. If JJ's going to be fixed in any way, he will have to start by taking responsibility for his actions. I still say his mother's personal life has nothing to do with it, doesn't matter who she's seeing. It's not like she's got some guy living at her house . JJ has a home to go to but he prefers the streets to following rules. Lets see how that's going to work out for him.
Would JJ be doing it if he could go anywhere else? He tried to stay at the mansion and Justin shut him down. He overheard Daniel and boom, plan made. Yeah, he's a troublemaker. But Jen's only giving MORE opportunity to make bad decisions and none to make better ones.
You know when you turn your kid out on the streets? When you have done everything you can and they still continue to self destruct and you can no longer enable it in good conscience.

But the first rule of turning your kid out is being willing to accept they could die and very likely will on the streets. No sane therapist would ever say a kid will straighten out on the streets. They will die or go to jail.

Jennifer hasn't offered rehab or therapy or an alternative living situation. She's just given him a likely death sentence or forced him into crime or prostitution.
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