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I agree with pretty much everything else said. I tried to go in to the finale without any expectations, but we all had ideas of how we wanted it to or how it should have ended. Seasons 1-4 were where Dexter shined the most, it all fell apart after that. There were hints here and there, but overall the last four seasons had so many problems. Everything and everyone this season should have revolved around Dexter. Even if there wasn't going to be a big reveal, where everyone finds out, there should have been a character here or there that did. At the very least, some hints towards them finding out. Most of this season had no impact at all on Dexter. The biggest WTF moment for me was Dexter killing Saxon. What a let down for Saxon not to be Dexter's last big hurrah, wrapped in plastic. Instead he kills him with a pen, and even with tape of it, he walks out of the PD without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Don't get even me started on that horrible CGI storm scene. Could have gone out with a bang, but they choked.
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