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Wasn't impressed with this episode at all.

Please, please wardrobe... don't make us look at Jennifer in that god awful, fugly dress again. I don't know who she pissed off in wardrobe, but that thing is the worst. And frankly, I am tired of hearing Jennifer tell JJ how much she loves him.. show him, don't just tell him. It's redundant garbage and certainly, IMO, not the way any mother I know, including myself, would ever act with my kids.

NO MORE ERIC AND KRISTEN FLASHBACKS... PLEASE!! Enough already. And Marlena hypnotizing him is beyond gross.

Jennifer and Theresa scenes were OK.. it's about time that Jennifer got a clue about Theresa, but her directing blame at Theresa for JJ's problems is stupid... JJ was having issues with drugs long before he got back to Salem and met Theresa. Granted, she didn't help the situation, but Jen needs to take a good, long look in the mirror about blame.

Seriously, how many scenes did we have to waste watching Brady pimp Dannifer? STOP. IT.

The Victor and Nicole scenes were good, filled with snark as only those two can dole out. Best part of today's episode for me.
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