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Viewing Single Post From: Monday, Sept. 23rd Daily Discussion
Sweet and Salty

Sep 23 2013, 06:22 PM
Sep 23 2013, 01:56 PM
Seems like they're setting Nicole up as the red-herring about what happened to Eric. Say, anyone on the Salem PD...no...no...they wouldn't figure it out. Say, anyone with COMMON FRICKING SENSE - why not review when Eric was in that hotel & blacked out, and when Nicole got her hair cut short like the woman he sees in those flashbacks. :facepalm:

:teehee: oh...wait...did I just blow the hell out of this contrived twist to make Nicole appear worse than dog doo on the bottom of a shoe until someone in Salem figures it out by watching that frickin video?

:flipoff: Tomlin, you hack!!
Wait, I'm confused. Really confused. I thought Kristen was wearing a dark short wig when Eric saw her in the lobby at the check in counter. Then in the hotel room she took off the wig and raped him without the wig on, her hair long and blond like usual? Help!
You're right! But for some reason she took the wig off when they had relations.
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