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Sep 24 2013, 12:22 AM
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Sep 24 2013, 12:19 AM
Sep 24 2013, 12:15 AM
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Sep 24 2013, 12:12 AM
Miles! Welcome back, Miles Malloy!

Ah, when they somebody say John would get super-jealous back in 2000, I kept hoping that it would be Miles making him jealous (because he obviously found Marlena attractive, and he was sort of her boss, plus he was hot), but then they made it stupid Winston instead.

Can he please be coming back for Marlena? Please show, please? It'd be a good way to bring back John eventually, if Marlena's flirting with somebody new and then John returns, ready to woo her back.
Pretty much my sentiments. At least get Marlena back to work. If flirting follows, so be it. :drunk:
Round 3 of Marlena's radio talk show doesn't sound too bad in my ears. Maybe the same thing happens and she thinks it's Kristen, but it isn't. Bad guy could even start taking pictures of Miles and Marlena, sending them to John, lure him back to town. John needs to protect Marlena (rehash of 1986), while she's involved with someone knew. And it could be anyone, really, but I'd prefer Orpheus (that sucker can beat death as well as Stefano can). Miles being just a good guy caught up in it all.

Ow, my head hurts from all these ideas pouring in. Damn you, show, I was over seeing potential in anything you crapped out!
If Stefano is not going to obsess over his Queen of the Night (TM), an Orpheus return will do. His kids should be storyline age. They could even get named.
And they could answer my question of whether or not they hate Marlena or still think of her as a mother figure. She was there for quite a while.
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