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Sep 24 2013, 01:38 AM
I also noticed Jennifer warping from the office to the house, while she was supposed to be at work.

I'm very frustrated by the writing for Jeannie Theresa. It just feels like the writers have wasted a great opportunity for a character with limitless options and a great connection to the canvas, as well as a very good actress in the role. She is such a one-note character and the writers have done nothing to give her any depth, because she has not been given any favorable relationships to build on.

Frankly, as a die-hard Shane and Kim fan, I actually could handle that Shane and Kim's daughter is bratty and spoiled. I could handle that she is a drug user who has screwed up her life and is in Salem as a last resort. I could even handle that she is a bad seed. But what I really can't handle is that Jeannie Theresa is such an idiot. I mean and utter moron. First, she blows through Vargas' money on online shopping when she knows she is desperate for money, and then she tries to embezzle from the hospital in a way that could be easily traced. I just can't believe Shane's and Kim's daughter is that stupid. Let her at least concoct an intelligent plan to steal from the hospital. She could have used Nick to help cover the embezzlement since he is probably hurting for money too, which would have given bother characters something interesting to do. And it would have shown Jeannie Theresa to be someone to be reckoned with in the future, instead of having her plot immediately revealed and have her instantly turn into a sniveling child like she became today.
She's a shell of what she could be, just like every new character on this show is. And even the established ones, but they have their strong history to fall back on and, occasionally, bounce back from.
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