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Sep 24 2013, 06:35 AM
Sep 23 2013, 01:19 PM
I'm sorry but I'm going to want to see more of Hope then to just act as a mother to a rebellious child. We already had the mini storyline of that, and as much as love the Kristen-adoring Ciara, that still isn't a soap storyline. Especially not for Hope, who has driven story for over 20 years on this show.
I SO very much agree with this post!

Besides, haven't we already seen Hope trying to cope with her daughter's behavioral problems during that whole Kristen photo fiasco? The prisoner release papers? And those SLs didn't truly focus on Hope and/or Ciara, and their issues weren't really delved into either. There were only glimpses of it. And I fear this upcoming KA SL will end up as just that. Again.

I would like to hope that TIIC will surprise me (and us) and that this time, it would be different. This time, they'll actually back their words up. But why bother? Corday & Co. haven't gotten the memo thus far, and they never will. And they obviously could care less. They're gonna continue to write for their own faves, fan backlash and threat of cancellation be damned. TIIC can shove their false crap where the sun don't shine. I'm not buying it. They've lied to me and others and taken advantage one too many times.

Sorry for going off on a diatribe, but that's what happens when one gets repeatedly screwed over.
Personally, I can't start bitching about a storyline for Hope that we know next to nothing about and that is a good 3 months away from being seen on our screens.
Kristian/Hope got screwed the minute Peter decided to up & leave (and clearly intended on returnig at some point, or Ken felt that his departure would be short-lived. He was kinda right with that prediction as there have been multiple talks between him & Peter in the past year). That said, I'm going to look on the bright side - Hope has a story. At the end of the day, that's what is important to me. And if Kristian is happy with the story, then I'm happy for her.
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