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Sep 24 2013, 10:32 AM
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Always a fan of this version too, which actually happened on the show!!

God I love this!!! I miss Passions. For all it's faults and annoyances, it was dirty fun in the afternoon. Loved it!
It's fist year and a half on the air was HIGHLY addicting...I was hooked...I even enjoyed it a tad more than DAYS some afternoons....but then it all went to serious hell in a hand basket and I could not even stomach watching 1 scene.

Jason what is this clue? Is it still in the first post or has it been removed because I am literally sitting here trying to read into everything.

In the words of Phoebe Buffay...THIS IS MADNESS!!
Not trying to turn this into a Passions thread but wanna answer Mitch real quick: Agreed, the first year and a half was delicious...it was a parody within a parody, smart, kooky, crazy and the best show on tv, IMO. It did lose its way 2-3 years in. Idk if Reilly had enough yarn for more than 2 years. While still enjoyable, it lost some edge. I do know there was some interference from NBC to try and make it a bit more traditional and that was a huge mistake. Then it got ever wackier when it moved to directv. But I'll always keep a soft spot for Passions. I loved it.

As for the new casting news, I missed the boat on the hints as well. I'd love for Tracey Ross to join the cast but I doubt it's her. I'd kill for a return for Lindsay, either as Arianna or a new character. She's a damn good actress...but I doubt it's her. I'm open to another Passions cast member coming to Days. The show has been off the air long enough to where most people wouldn't associate them with their Passions character. I just want good writing and a good actor....I don't give a shit if they come from a trash can, just entertain me.
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