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Sep 24 2013, 11:10 AM
Sep 24 2013, 10:57 AM
Sep 24 2013, 07:50 AM
I frankly think the show is sooo boring.....but it's still amazing to me that apparently every week of this stupid Sami trial have been disappointing in the ratings, while the small gains they have had this summer were apparently heavy Dannifer weeks. Coo coo
Was Sami not featured the week before when the ratings were great, if I am remembering correctly, Sami and her trial issues were on three out of the four days that DOOL aired, so what exactly is the basis of this conclusion, especially since the trial itself only started this week that is represented in ratings?

DOOL at least held their demos, are up over last year and have some 2.0s in the mix, not a bad showing.
IDK..the trial started this week(Sept 9), last week they were very heavy with Dannifer and JJ getting in trouble, everyone reacting to that, etc....and show gained week to week...this week they lost from last week.....

One thing is focusing on the trial, as it starts, with the witnesses, etc....another thing is having a scene here and there about Justin and Ej, or about Sami worrying about the trial, etc...the focus the week of Labor Day was on Dannifer/JJ, this week it was on the trial....let's see what happens with this past week's ratings....I'm sure they will be higher as something happened on the show with Ej/Stefano's showdown and the trial's conclusion. I'd frankly be very surprised if they lost ground for the week of Sept 16
Even though JJ got in trouble, it did not take away from Sami and her sl time, the time with her children and EJ and their letter and if EJ's actions would affect the trial. Both sls were on getting their airtime of the show, so to blame one while praise the other just does not sync with what we are actually being shown IMO.
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