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Even though JJ got in trouble, it did not take away from Sami and her sl time, the time with her children and EJ and their letter and if EJ's actions would affect the trial. Both sls were on getting their airtime of the show, so to blame one while praise the other just does not sync with what we are actually being shown IMO.
I disagree. The focus of that week was not on the trial, having scenes that don't move that storyline along does not make it a focus heavy week on that story. The focus of the week of Labor day was on JJ/Dannifer and JJ getting arrested, etc.

See below...JJ/Jennifer/Dannifer heavy on majority of week, that was the story that moved that week, just like the trial kick off was for the week of the 9th and the conclusion this past week. The week of Sept 9 and the week of Sept 16 were heavy Sami trial weeks....now this week the focus seems to be on Kristen/Bristen/Eric thing....

No Show

Brady puts his and Kristen's future in Eric's hands; Marlena tries to get information about Kristen; Sonny and Gabi fight about Nick; Caroline confronts Nick.

Adrienne finds information that could help Sami's case; J.J. finds himself in trouble; Abigail talks to Daniel about Jennifer; Stefano and Rafe argue.

Eric continues to feel uneasy about the night he got sick; Jennifer learns J.J. was arrested; E.J. pushes Justin to move forward with Sami's trial; Kae tries to shake Jordan.

Justin confronts E.J. about the money in Bernardi's son's account; Jennifer calls J.J. out on his behavior; Theresa and Abigail fight; Kristen reacts to an idea of Brady's.
Your very brief spoilers does not tell us everything that aired on the actual days, eg. it does not even include that EJ and Sami and familiy were on Wednesday when they learnt of the new evidence, but thanks.

As I said, while JJ got arrested, we also had running concurrently the sl arc on whether EJ's actions with the bank account would be found out and any possible repurcussions.

DOOL as a whole goes up and down, trying to put blame on a single pairing that is never not onscreen just escapes me tbh.
I'm not blaming the pairing, I'm blaming the story and frankly if you look at the weeks they focus on the Sami trial for whatever reason collectively those weeks haven't done as well...the trial IMHO has been boring with repetitive scenes and no real movement until last week and by the time the story moved an inch, it was over.

We'll agree to disagree.
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