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Even though JJ got in trouble, it did not take away from Sami and her sl time, the time with her children and EJ and their letter and if EJ's actions would affect the trial. Both sls were on getting their airtime of the show, so to blame one while praise the other just does not sync with what we are actually being shown IMO.
Friday was actually a 2.1, the day the trial started. The EJ/ Sami kids day was 1.8 / 2,504,000
IA with Luvinglumi Friday was a day of movement which would make sense to why is has a higher rating.
however I find it interesting that this past week's ratings was up and down every day that's just weird.
My mistake, 2.1 still pretty good, as for the rest, it only drives home my point about DOOL's performance being for the show as a whole, you cannot really praise one and blame the other.
I don't agree. For example....back around May of this year, the show was on fire. I might not have liked the stories and the couplings but I could honestly not say the show as boring. You can the Bristen reveal, the Nabi/Wilson stuff and Ari's birth...it was jammed packed and it moved....since then there has been NOTHING to really draw the audience in...it's been BORING. Sami's trial didn't represent a good run for Days...which is probably why they decided to do it over the summer anyway...a notoriously slow time for soaps in general.
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