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Sep 24 2013, 12:18 PM
Sep 24 2013, 12:13 PM
Let me be more clear without intentionally placing blame. Seems to me the pattern is some days have more viewers than others and the days that have lower viewers are most of the time days that features Sami or Ej , which is unfortunate because Days is determined to make and keep them the face of the show.
Well you are placing blame and given EJ and Sami have been on the highest rated days as well, it appears to be misplaced. You blame them for the low days but even when they are on the high days are because of anything but them. That is the only unfortunate and unfair thing I am seeing tbh.
All I know is that I find the whole show boring. I like non of the stories and the worst of them all is, anything to do with EJ and Sami. I was looking forward to Eric and Nicole scenes for a while but, even those have become boring. The story hardly has any movement. I feel that I can stop watching the show for four months or more, and when I resume, I would have hardly missed anything, or anything worthwhile. Nicole is my favourite on the show but, I don't feel that she has a story, and I am not enjoying her interfering in grown ass Brady love life. I don't care how funny they try to make it.
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