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Sep 24 2013, 12:15 AM
The Room Stops
Sep 24 2013, 12:12 AM
Miles! Welcome back, Miles Malloy!

Ah, when they somebody say John would get super-jealous back in 2000, I kept hoping that it would be Miles making him jealous (because he obviously found Marlena attractive, and he was sort of her boss, plus he was hot), but then they made it stupid Winston instead.

Can he please be coming back for Marlena? Please show, please? It'd be a good way to bring back John eventually, if Marlena's flirting with somebody new and then John returns, ready to woo her back.
Pretty much my sentiments. At least get Marlena back to work. If flirting follows, so be it. :drunk:
I will ALWAYS love John and Marlena, but have also always been a fan of the show first and foremost. I watched Days long before John's bandages ever came off. They still had THE love story of the 1990's in Daytime TV. If there were a 90's supercouple, it was John and Marlena. I'll say it, I consider the only true supercouple birthed in the 1990's was john and Marlena.

1) We didn't even know he was John Black until the 1990's. He was a new character really. He kept a lot of Roman characteristics but evolved into someone completely different over time and I think people over look that about Drake. He had to take shit and spin it into gold to save his job when Wayne returned. People blast Drakes acting (and yeah, he's a stereotypical, over-the-top, flat soap actor, who could win no awards, but garner enormous amounts of fans). John Black in 1992 was a new character in many ways.

2) Since Marlena went back to Roman, Sheri decided to start to rebuild a love story. It would be the love story of the 1990's. It started in Stella's pit. It would be old school, slow paced, and fascinating storytelling about a moral woman bound by duty to her husband, but also a real woman bound by love to a man she had believed was her husband

3) JER took it off into adventure, and it took J&M forever to tie the knot. That's when you know it's a "Bill Bell" type of supercouple.


Please don't shoot me, I'm a J&M fan, but for the good of the show, and to keep Deidre, the undisputed Queen of Daytime at this moment on the canvas, there must be a love interest. I'm all for Marlena moving on, and a fling with her boss and a gradual relationship would be fun, then have a crazy who calls her show hold her hostage and nearly kill her. Let Marlena figure her own way out but Miles be the first person she sees when she's breaks free. Then it's love and something real is going on and then BAM!!!.......John's back. Then all of it's a mess and the shit hits the fan as Marlena will always love John but she trust Miles, not John. That would actually be a good storyline. Well I wrote it so I think so.
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