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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Sep 24 2013, 06:56 PM
When friends and I have had the opportunity to talk ratings with some of the Days actors, they have assured us that TPTB are happy. And believe it or not, a couple of the actors can quote you chapter and verse (and numbers) on the whole ratings issue. There is so much more to it than this report that we see.

That said, fans will always try to blame a bad ratings day on the story/character/actor they don't like, and try to claim good ratings for their ship. It doesn't work that way, but we fans are stubborn.

I still fail to see why GH has such good numbers. There's some good acting, but several of the story lines are not engaging to me.
Oh I disagree on GH. A couple of months ago during the Franco crap yes, but now? Nope... We got the spixie baby reveal about to take lulu and Dante by surprise...we got the suspicion of Britts baby being Lante's kid... We got nik and Britt which is promising, we see the start of what will be Robin's return. Ava Jerome causing all types of problems, Aj being accused of murder.. The only think I didn't really care for was the Kiki, Michael, Morgan mess but as of yesterday I can't wait to watch. It's so soapy... Every storyline has something and there is enough that if I don't like one story I have so much more left to like and love. With Days I can't stand 3 stories and there is only 4 happening
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