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Some gals have all the luck!

The Scorpion
Sep 24 2013, 08:00 AM
I really wonder what kind of story Hope gets? I like Kristian Alfonso and 'she's a good actress, but the character Hope is not that interesting, and I was a big fan of Bo and Hope back in the days, but the last few years I have found Hope dull. To be fair, she has not actually had any story in recent years, only resumed Gina stuff MarDar wrote. Either way it would be cool to see a strong and fiery Hope and anything interesting in a story that makes you interested in the character again. A new partner for Hope? I would probably prefer something unexpected with someone Hope normally might not fall for the only one I can see on the show for it is EJ, and he is busy with Sami.lol
As much as I adore KA and the Hope character, I have to agree with this. I also enjoy Bo and Hope in their heydays (I watch clips on YouTube. DOOL RULED back then!), 'til the JERk era and it's been downhill ever since. With glimpses of awesomeness every now and then. But they are just that, glimpses.

It pains me to admit this, but, Hope has become the boring and dull good girl. With or without Bo Brady. Why else has she been stuck in pop-up cop/aunt/confidante mode? There's nothing wrong with being a good person or being the occasional shoulder to cry on. It's just that, in the soap world, especially lately, that's just not all that exciting anymore. I want Hope with shades of grey. More darker personality traits. With some thick wise ass sarcasm.

My ideal would be for the Princess Gina and Nighttime Hope personalities to return and intertwine with Hope and quickly dominate her goody two shoes persona. Sort of, take over for a while. Ala Jess/Tess/Bess on OLTL, not sure how that SL turned out but I thought it was genius!
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