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well here I go again, can't help it. days again is in the lowest of every ratings section when I looked just moments ago. I watched Tuesdays show and except for victor and Nicole marlena and eric and the few moments of Kristen realizing something was going to happen the remainder of the show was flat.as for those 4 news brats they are trying to ram down our throat I just pushed ff button. I have to prv dool cause there so much crappie writing on days I can't watch it .
in a short time Kristen is gone , gabi is gone that goodness I hope she get caught for what she did last year. Cameron and vargus is gone . there could have been good story for those actors. the original will and chad is out as well. don't ya think this show is going down the drain. I so f-----g sick of stephano how much more have I got to ensure of this guy. here we are getting so close to where the powers that be make the dicision on show renewal and Corday is letting those two shit head writer frig the show up. isn't time to get good writer they are out there but I guess when your willing to keeping kissing butt of the owner you can write uninteresting, no direction, boring senseless crap that has been filling the screen so much more these past months. each week each episode is being filled more and more with useless teen actors that don't interest many. the ratings prove that. I WROTE MONTH AGO IF THERES GOOD STORY WITH DIRECTION DEPTH INTRIGUE SUSPENCE DRAMA VIEWERS WITH RETURN AND WATCH. WRITE CRAP THEY LEAVE . ITS REALLY SAD BUT CORDAY NEEDS TO BRING IN NEW WRITER. THERE OUT THERE GENERAL HOSPITAL FOUND THEM WHY CAN'T CORDAY. well if things don't turn around and we get good solid writing say goodbye to the show. we might get a little good writing for sweeps but I want good writing for every week and not just sweeps week.
how about more Nicole, shes just going around in circles. more victor. do something about sammi and ej . let her be grounded for a while. I have come to the place that if days went off tomorrow I would be relived that I wouldn't have to punish while watching most episodes. well I have more to say but that's enough for now. I hope someone somewhere in the decision making process reads this I am very disappointed in dool live writer and the crap they are putting out. remember we do have a voice and that in buying or not buying advertised items. :shrug:
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