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Sep 25 2013, 07:32 AM
Loved the lighting in the Bristen hotel scenes.

GV was excellent as Eric today, once again. Loved the scenes where Marlena hypnotized him, the close-ups, the anguish, the facial expressions. This is a very volatile and juicy situation because think of the horror of Marlena if and when she realizes exactly what she is about to uncover. :o

I'm sorry, I must be in the minority, but I couldn't give a flying fig about Chloe, and wouldn't mind if she was never seen again. I liked her with KL's Brady back in the day, and I liked her with Daniel the first time around, but her last return UTTERLY ruined her for me. Besides I'm not interested in seeing her in all those hooker dresses.

It's the same reason why I don't get why people are so into JJ. These people are all here just to make more story for Dannifer. That is their main purpose. It was the same with Chloe, Nicole and now JJ. That's why I cannot get invested and/or give two hoots about these characters anymore. Especially when we know how all of this will end. Unless SC or MR decides for themselves to quit, Dannifer WILL be together forever, they WILL get married and they most likely WILL have a child together at some point. There's just no way around it. These other characters are just being used.
There better be a huge showdown between Marlena and Kristen when the truth comes out. Marlena should at least get a couple of slaps in. And I hope Eric tears Brady a new arsehole.

As to JJ - I know that he's being used for Dannifer but a good actor can make even the worst storyline watchable. And Dannifer is as bad as it gets. Casey Moss is such a fantastic find. He makes JJ relevant with his acting. His pain and anger is palpable. And he has chemistry with just about everyone. So even if he is the interloper for Dannifer I still love JJ and feel robbed that we don't get to see him share any scenes with his father.
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