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S loves EJ
Sep 25 2013, 08:27 AM
I think you know I wasn´t really talking rating wise though. ;)

Anyway Higley was fired at the beginning of 2011, so it wasn´t her writing in the summer of 2011, even if maybe the Rafe2 storyline was her storyline that Thomsell and however the other one´s name is was wrapping up. I Believe the ratings in the summer of 2011 was 1.6-1.7, and MarDar got 1.7-1.9 which is at least an improvement but still bad. Still MarDar wasn´t fired because of the ratings at least the official word was they wasn´t allowed to write things the way they wanted.
DH was fired in the Spring of 2011 so she was responsible for pretty much everything that aired through the summer of 2011. MarDar's tweaks to her stories started to air toward the end August 2011 and then MarDar's stories kicked off at the Horton Town Square opening in September 2011.

TomSell's tweaks to MarDar's stories began to air in July 2012 and then TomSell was responsible for everything starting a couple days after the show came back from the Olympics break in August 2012.

That means the year-over-year numbers comparison that we are seeing now is a TomSell to TomSell comparison.
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