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I tried to watch the Chloe scenes. I couldn't. I just can't handle the Dannifer propping. I can't handle that I'm supposed to think Daniel is the Holy Anointed One and a Saint of All Saints letting Philip's son spend time with his MOTHER. I don't give a crap what Chloe did to Daniel or Jennifer. Parker is her son and should be with her (and his real daddy). Let Fetch make their own perfectly special amazing praise-worthy spawn.

GV is good depicting his struggle. They've really done him a disservice by writing him so bland these past few months. The conflict he's having now he should have been having all along with Nicole. I wanted this angsty drama and tension from the beginning. Instead Eric comes across as indifferent, which is so obviously the wrong way to take his character. Make his decision to be a priest something he has to choose every day - make it serious and hard and full of temptation and agony and struggle.

The Ericole dream was way too short. From the way everyone was talking about it, I was expecting it to be longer. The potential in this story is so awesome, and Days is totally wasting it.

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