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Sep 25 2013, 01:37 PM
Sep 25 2013, 01:29 PM
So Daniel is just like that going to throw Nicole under the bus? Great, nice going for a woman who not only spent months trying to make up for what she did, but also has been the most vocal Dannifer supporter since Maggie. Yea, nice touch, Dan.

Exactly. There is absolutely no reason for Daniel to suspect Nicole of anything. She has spent the last year trying to change her life and has been the most vocal supporter of Daniel's intruding into Jennifer's life. Yet he's just going to toss her under the bus? What I can't understand is why no one in this town has thought to suspect Kristen. She is the obvious villain. I mean Marlena's son gets sick under mysterious circumstances and not one person looks at Kristen, Marlena's main rival? If Brady would start thinking with his bigger head maybe he'd connect the dots about Kristen being out of town the night Eric got sick.
I don't really blame them for not suspecting Kristen. I mean, for all intents and purposes, apart from picking out the scholarship program kids, Kristen and Eric are still pretty far apart from each other. Besides the Brady connection, they aren't *really* in each other's lives. Also, I don't think anyone could connect any of what is happening to Eric to Marlena. That would be far-fetched for anyone, on the same train of thought they could connect it to Roman, Sami, Carrie, etc. Whereas Nicole is basically the only woman who is in Eric's life constantly. Also most of the town either full out know or at least can see it in her, that she's in love with Eric. So I don't blame them for possibly suspecting Nicole.

What I do have a problem with is the amount of (non-)gratitude Daniel has. It applies to Kristen the same way as Nicole. Both of these women, especially Nicole, have gone out of their way to prop this couple, rooting for them to get back together whenever they were apart, and this has gone on, in Nicole's case, for a year, in Kristen's, over six months. So after all that, all this person can do is throw Nicole under the bus. Also, he has been really rude to Kristen, when he should have no reason to be.

I'm thinking Daniel is actually a woman-hater. He only likes a woman he can use, who can do something for him. He was totally rude to Theresa aswell, he's sniped at Maxine several times, of course Anne, he doesn't like Sami. Besides Jennifer and possibly Abigail I can't think of many women he likes.
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