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Sep 22 2013, 03:06 AM
Youíre not very popular on our board right now.
I know.

A lot of our Jack fans are especially having a hard time.
They should be. Jack and Jennifer are a very quintessential couple in daytime, not just Days of Our Lives. And Daniel canít just swoop into someoneís life like that. She has kids; she has a family. Itís a very difficult road. I think the story to be told is how does a single mother move on and find new love. People arenít fans of that. How can a widowed woman with children find love again? Many people say that you do not let go of the love of your life. I think thatís what makes it so difficult. I donít take it personally. Itís a hard pill to swallow in real life, so it would certainly be hard swallow in daytime.

Is it noticeable to you that the other characters are always telling us how great Daniel is?
Itís just with regard to what he does as a career.
I don't think the "widowed mom moving on with her love life" story caused his unpopularity. Jennifer/Daniel were already a couple when a living Jack returned from being held hostage after pursuing a story that got out of hand, and Jennifer unable to forgive or choose between the men owing to that particular absence didn't play well (also Dannifer 1.0 wasn't convincingly epic enough). Also some found the Jonases' insertion into the canvas contrived (though mostly Melanie). Things snowballed from there, in conjunction with the "Daniel Jonas is the greatest" part which IMO goes beyond the career context. I just don't think the situation is analogous to a potential scenario where Bo is presumed dead and Hope moves on. Couples fans sometimes hold grudges anyway (including myself TBH) but I think it'd be less intense.

Given Jack's death I don't begrudge Jennifer moving on in theory (it's a soap, plus I was genuinely interested in her on her own), but they kinda bungled the execution trying to fix problems by doing the things that partly caused them. Ironically, until the outlook changes I'd rather them be together -- and backburned -- than watch their angst. I find that angst overwrought (though potentially a good avenue to explore Jennifer's abandonment issues, but they wouldn't want to attribute her attraction to Daniel to that, so why expect) and the praising contrived (I didn't even know he was supposed to be a heroic brilliant Macguyver type until he told me) and that turns me off right now.

(And to get really real, reactions to anything Jack related are more tense because of the history of firing MA, even though other actors can't possibly account for that. And I don't expect SC to account for all of the above I just vomited out, he's trying to do his job in a brief interview, I just want TPTB to know what the real deal is because I don't think they get it.)
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