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I don't think the "widowed mom moving on with her love life" story caused his unpopularity.

Agreed. I actually think that storyline could be kind of interesting to watch...with the right characters and plot points.

So it's not that I'm not a fan of the concept. I'm not a fan of the pacing, the love interest, and I hit a point where I was not a fan of the window, either. Also, the way it played out Jack and an unborn baby had to die to try and make this thing work. That's all kinds of hard to get past. Toss in the love-through-surgery aspect and Daniel the eggbaby...there's a lot I have to set aside as a viewer.

I hope he gets that it's the execution that kills it for some of us. The idea- I think people could get behind it. Hell, this is a genre where women fall in love with their rapists and audiences ship the characters for years. The fact that a character is a widow...I think viewers could get past it.
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