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Part of the issue with Jack's death is that it was part of TomSell's campaign to erase everything that went on during MarDar's tenure. Remember, there were online rumors that they actually considered going the Dallas route and making MarDar's era all a dream.

But they still step by step went about erasing MarDar's stories. The only things they really couldn't get away with erasing were Will's coming out and Lexie's death. However, Will - after he had spent months struggling with the fact that he wasn't attracted to Gabi and had come to terms with being gay - jumped in bed with her because TomSell wanted a baby story, when the conception would have only sort of made sense when Will was still struggling.

The point is that Dannifer isn't written as a widow moving on story because TomSell never wanted to acknowledge Jack's return. They instead pretended that the audience would be as glad to replace Matt Ashford with Shawn Christian as they were for some bizarre and inexplicable reason.

They truly expected the audience to simply forget about Jack. Obviously, someone somewhere noticed the error of this and we've gotten JJ, but let's face it, he only exists to punish Jack fans (we are rape-loving, drug loving people who don't understand true love, get it?).

So, yeah, Dannifer was not written as a way to see Jennifer moving on. It has been written by writers who hope we forget Jack.
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