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Viewing Single Post From: Daytime Royalty Interview with Shawn Christian
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Sep 22 2013, 10:44 AM
I feel bad for SC because unlike some of this show he actually can act, sadly he is given awful storylines that make him look terrible!

I watched "As The World Turns" after "Days" from 1989 till the show went off the air. ATWT was so very different than Days, and I loved the quality and acting so I turned the channel everyday at 2pm when Days ended. That great Proctor and Gamble feel of high quality sets, great wardrobes, great theme music, and classic soap storytelling. I like "Guiding Light" even more, and there was a time around 1991 that GL was my favorite soap, not Days! It was the first and last time, but gotta Alexandra Spaulding and Roger Thorpe!

POINT: Shawn Christian was actually really good on ATWT. He was a good fit with the show, and the writers understood how to balance character traits with "gray" characters. When it was first announced he was coming to Days to play a Doctor, I thought "That's a change of pace , but a big break for us. He a solid P&G actor"

Shawn can act when given just the slightest amount of good material. The problem we have here is TPTB want to make Daniel, a man that would date a girl and screw her grandmother, a hero. That is the WORST material you can give an artist period.

Then, it gets better, you have the sex crazed doctor who literally inserts himself into every female of any generation in a family, become a borderline Horton.

THEN: TPTB kill Jack off and they go back to a hated pairing with Shawn's character. Shawn's character is so poorly put together and out of left field it has caused me to hate Jennifer Rose Horton.

I am a Horton fanatic. When they carried this show, it has so much style, charisma and substance. The Horton's are the staple family and very backbone of this show, and they always will be. Even if there is only one Horton on the canvas, the Horton's are the original and dominate family on which Day's is built.

So for me to turn on Jennifer Rose? Yes.....It is Dan and the writing. The Horton's are doctors, and we are supposed to believe that Dan's behavior would be white washed as he started to date a legacy Horton?

IF TOM HORTON WERE ALIVE.........MacDonald Carey would insist this be dealt with and make sure the Horton family had objections. Mac always kept that moral fiber of the Horton clan there for the audience. Tom gave Jack the riot act when he started seeing Jennifer, and we understood why. Jack had been vindictive, spoiled, arrogant, and he had raped Kayla Brady, a girl that grew up next door to them. WE NEED DOUG AND JULIE TO FILL THE VOID!

Point is, Shawn is a good actor. He's orange sometimes, but he's a good actor. However, he has been given the most horribly created character I have seen put into a relationship with a Horton, and Jenn was part of a major supercouple. Shawn got in way above his head here, and if I were him, and had some financial stability, I'd bail.
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