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Another snooze fest of an episode... we are now batting 3 for 3, IMO. :sleep:

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus, for getting rid of those fucking awful outfits and starting a new day in Salem. I was beginning to think this was the never ending Salem day.

Poor Chloe and NB. Those scenes with Daniel were painful to watch.. they haven't had enough people propping Fetch, they needed to bring back an actor for two days to do if even more? :shame:

Theresa is beginning to get on my last nerve. Now, she and Anne are going to team up to get Jennifer... just like Anne and Chloe attempted to do a few months ago. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The only remotely interesting part of today's show were the Stefano scenes with him further berating EJ, and EJ acting like a cowering, snivelling puppy.

Seems like we are going in circles with many of these stories... move it on, writers. You are boring me to death. :sleep2:
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