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Sep 26 2013, 02:53 PM
Sep 26 2013, 02:51 PM
^Even if she removed the word "always" from her statement?
It's still a blanket statement. And Jack, a rapist, hasn't had to face that past in decades, so no. I don't think Jack's flaws are always acknowledged on the show.
Okay, I understand that. I would agree that in more recent returns Jack was written in more comic mode. The show's writers just haven't been interested in exploring the character's deeper, darker layers -- or revisiting his dark and distant past in more than a passing way (like now).

In that sense, the same could be said for pretty much any long-term character, whether they're "good," "bad" or somewhere in between. Even Caroline, even Kayla, have their "darker" sides and their flaws that sadly have not been touched on for a very long time.

But at least they're on the backburner or off the show. Meanwhile, Daniel has been on our screens almost every week -- and some weeks almost every day -- for well over a year now. He's been front and center in story after story. And yet, honestly, going by what the show is telling me, I would not be able to cite a single flaw or mistake that the writing has acknowledged about him. When he does try to give a token acknowledgement to being less than perfect (e.g., about Nicole or Chloe), he's quickly overridden by the likes of Maggie, Maxine, and others.

No, he hasn't raped or killed anyone that we know of, but that doesn't mean that Daniel hasn't made serious ethical missteps. We would never know that by what the show is telling us.

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