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Sep 26 2013, 03:34 PM
^^Maybe she sees that maybe the same thing that happened to Chandler is happening to her via the story that is airing now. If her last planned date was around mid Jan, if they don't pick up her last 13 week cycle, she would be leaving around mid October....certainly if she is not liking what is being filmed maybe it's because she sees the writing on the wall and they are about to send her character off earlier than she expected to be sent off.
Hmmmm that is interesting to think about it. I didn't catch this the first time about her not liking what she's currently taping. She certainly doesn't seem to like the story she's taping and is visibly upset about Chandler's exit and isn't hiding it. I wouldn't be shocked if she was given an early exit, which would suck for her. I'm actually enjoying Gabi right now. I have always thought and now more than ever after today's show that what Gabi did to Mel comes back the fore-front and she loses custody of Ari or gives up her parental rights to Sonny. Or like Honeybees said maybe she dies and Sonny still winds up with custody. I think the idea was always for Will and Sonny to eventually be the sole parents to Ari because they are writing Will and Sonny very marital.
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