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Sep 26 2013, 05:49 PM
I have always thought and now more than ever after today's show that what Gabi did to Mel comes back the fore-front and she loses custody of Ari or gives up her parental rights to Sonny. Or like Honeybees said maybe she dies and Sonny still winds up with custody. I think the idea was always for Will and Sonny to eventually be the sole parents to Ari because they are writing Will and Sonny very marital.
I totally think the storyline is headed in this direction. If it's true that Chad gets killed off, then Sonny will be much more likely to spill the beans about Gabi's role in "the Melanie thing." Currently, Sonny is keeping quiet because he doesn't want Chad to get in trouble for beating up Nick. But once Chad is dead, Nick and Gabi will no longer be able to use Chad as a viable reason for Sonny not to tell the cops what Gabi did to Melanie.

If Sonny does spill the beans, there would be a lot of fallout for Gabi beyond just possibly being sent to jail. For example, Abigail would be quite pissed that Gabi's actions indirectly led to Jack's untimely demise. (Even if Abigail doesn't care about Jack's death, JJ certainly will.) If Abigail decides to get revenge on Gabi, this would give Abigail a strong storyline after Chad and Cameron both exit the show. And if Abigail targets Gabi, this would put Abigail at odds with her cousin Nick. So, there's the potential for some good Horton conflict.

And if Will decides to sue for full custody of Ari, this would put Will's grandma Kate at odds with Gabi's brother Rafe. This could then dovetail with wherever the Kate/Rafe/Jordan storyline is going.
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