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I don't think he's using Dan to excuse his bad behavior. At least not in today's episode. JJ has no way of realizing that Dan ISN'T doing those things, because neither Dan nor JJ have given one another a chance. Dan can say he's not trying to take Jack's place all he wants. It doesn't mean its not going to feel like that to a screwed up teenager. And JJ is valid for thinking that and having that opinion. All he knows was as soon as he blew into town and Daniel could see JJ was trouble, he's been trying to prove JJ was bad news to Jennifer. Not wanting to help JJ, who is clearly a troubled kid. JJ getting treated like a villain is just so wrong. Adults twice his age should be trying to see through the bullshit and help him fix his life without being overbearing. Daniel was okay today, if a bit heavy handed with a first date we never saw. But today was the first time Daniel or Jennifer even tried to see through the tough & trouble act. And CM showed that JJ was responding - but he has so many walls when it comes to Daniel and they came right back up, because he has zero reason to trust the guy.
Daniel also has zero reason to trust JJ after all the stunts he's pulled. Dan actually cut JJ more slack than he deserved right after breaking in his apartment with his stoner friends. I'm not a fan of Dr Dan but I don't believe it's his responsibility to fix JJ and neither is he to blame for the kid's troubles. I also don't see JJ as a villain, more like a bratty ass kid with a lot of growing up to do. Hopefully it won't take him as long as Theresa.
Oh, I don't think its Daniel's responsibility to fix JJ. But if he's not going to be part of the solution, etc. I mean, the guy's a dad. Today, I saw him act like one. He's not JJ's dad, obviously. But, up until now, Daniel has been acting as childish as JJ and he's at least twice the kids age. Throwing tantrums and giving Jennifer ultimatums without giving JJ a real chance. Any kid who isn't comfortable with his mom moving is gonna be a headache. If a guy wants to be with that lady, he's got to be willing to play ball. Daniel hasn't shown that willingness up until now. I thinking we're generally in agreement regarding JJ. Some write him off for being a brat. I'm like, kid's a teenager. Yes, he's 18 and technically an adult (which I have issues with writing wise but that's another story) but he simply has some growing pains to go through. And I find them refreshing.
Daniel has treated JJ like a rival for Jennifer's attention--his default reaction whenever he's faced with a male he doesn't like, I might add--and JJ has returned the favor in spades. Each has acted about as mature as the other. The difference is JJ's a teenager, and Daniel is almost three times his age. Ironically, if he'd taken the tack he took today from the very beginning--trying to engage one on one with JJ as a person, letting him know that Daniel wasn't trying to take Jack's place and that JJ was still important to his mother, not demanding instant acceptance but insisting on mutual courtesy and respect--he might have headed off at least some of JJ's hostility and destructiveness. Daniel needed to act like a grown-up far sooner than he did.
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